January 22, 2018 Klym Land Services Press Release:

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WHO WE ARE - David Klym

Professional Landman since 1980

As a member of the American Association of Professional Landman since 1980, along with North Dakota and Wyoming Landman Associations, and the North Dakota Petroleum Council, and achieving ‘Certified Professional Landman‘ status in 1991, David Klym’s mission is to provide the highest standards of ‘Landwork’ for its clients and to encourage sound stewardship of energy and mineral resources. David has extensive experience of over 44 years throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and various other states while working on Federal, State, Fee and Tribal Lands for a number of major oil companies and Independents.



Klym Land Services Landwork includes:

  • Due diligence for sale or purchase of oil/gas properties
  • Oil and gas Leasing
  • Research public records to determine mineral and lease ownership
  • Oil/Gas Operating and Pooling Agreements
  • Surface Agreements and Rights-of Way
  • Fair Market Valuations of minerals/estates
  • Expert Landman witness for court or public hearings

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